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Again another trip, again another adventure telling me more and more of what I want to experience in life. The world used to be this big scary place. It doesn't seem that way anymore. Everywhere I go has this one commonality that it includes new people, new friendly people. A new adventure, a new story to add to my ever growing collection of stories about travelling the world. 

I had the privilege (oh god I can't stand that word but anyways) of flying out to see :iconoctobertiger: in New Hampshire for an amazing weekend. It was a somewhat last minute trip, but Porter Air had a massive sale on air deals and I had just gotten paid. We had been talking about another hang out weekend since my ski trip last year where we were able to hang out for a day. Honestly it was so amazing (we have been internet friends for a long time, but sadly have lived a little too far away to visit easily). I love the New Hampshire/Vermont scenery, and boy did I get the full tour. I was originally going to be staying in Boston alone Sunday night, but it worked out that she could follow us. So we both ended up in Boston, a city neither of us were very familiar with. And well, the best way I can put it is we just adventured all over the place. The aquarium, Chinatown and all the way over to Harvard University. 

Though even for the portions of the trip I was alone, there was always someone new to meet. Even if it was a few minute interaction. Portuguese lady who was confused in the airport. The man travelling to somewhere in Maine, who shivered out in the freezing cold with me for 30 minutes waiting for buses. The older women who made sure I was on the right bus. The guy my age on the bus back to Boston, who was from the middle of nowhere out in Maine. Who explained all about his hunting and gun passion (something totally foreign to a city dwelling Canadian). And finally to Carol, the lady on the bus who I wasn't sure was all there, but nonetheless made sure we found our way out of the subway station. And explained her adventure in Montreal (in which she thought I knew all about because I was Canadian). The best part of these trips are you don't know whats going to happen. You don't know exactly what could go wrong, but you go with it anyways. 

And this is how I want to spend life, going with things anyways. And continuing to adventure and explore the world. Because you know, travelling is the only thing you can pay for that makes you richer (and maybe a winning lottery ticket). Thank you Sarah for having me over, I'll be seeing you again soon ~



Cally out.
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